Atrocious Filth

Atrocious Filth

Atrocious Filth’s pieces are strongly shaped by expressive rhythms pushing towards powerful trance music. Strictly metal threads are intensely intertwined with strange-sounding, intriguing riffs that can send you into psychedelic background passages and industrial moments. Occasional noise tendencies and crazy sounds popping in here and there seem to give rise to protomelody, but they are not allowed to develop into more expressive melodic ideas.

The entire album is full of disturbing power and it’s kept firmly in check by a really strong pacing throughout the run time. The band builds tension through well-utilized conventional song structures only to arrive at less predictable moments.

The band’s proposal for this album, although radical at times, tries to take a different approach to playing music.


  • Tomasz „Jungi” Bardega – vocals
  • Leszek „Shambo” Rakowski – bass
  • Andrzej „Andzia” Choromański – guitar
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