KONTAGION was formed at the end of 2007. The band already has a number of releases to their credit: EP „!” (2008), debut album „[R-!-E]” (2011), EP „[R-!-E]\/[]|_+” (2012), album “[R-!-E]LEN+LESS” (2015), EP “KO[R-!-E]” (2017). The bands also played tens of concerts before LOST SOUL, TRAUMA, PANDEMONIUM, HATE, SCHIZMA, ARMAGEDDON, TOXIC BONKERS, TORTURE SQUAD, and many others. In addition to the combined features of industrial metal and metal of the 90s, the band incorporates elements from post metal. On October 31, 2019, the band released their third album entitled “Kontagion” through the independent label MOANS MUSIC.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kontagion joined forces with FATIGUE, a Bydgoszcz-based doom-sludge band, with a view to compose and record a collaboration album (currently scheduled for release). The two bands are planning a number of concerts together.

Since October 2021, Kontagion has been composing a new material, playing concerts to promote the album “Kontagion”. The band also released an EP entitled “Kontagious Content” that is a complement of the tracks in “Kontagion”.


  • Damian “Sfenson” Bednarski – guitars, vocals, drum programming
  • Rafał Zmarzły – guitars
  • Łukasz “Piehoo” Pieszczyński – bass, vocals, keyboards
  • Tomasz Madej – drums, percussion (live/session)
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