SLAIDIZE is a musical and visual idea brought to life by Rafał Litwin in 2015. In its initial stage, it was a purely musical project.

The album “Sands”, influenced by the sounds of the city, is the fruit of this period. Guests are invited to participate in each project to help create the musical and vocal landmarks. The changeable line-up, by definition, helps avoid musical iniformity. In consequence of that, the songs, created by this companion outfit, can completely and confidently be described as multidimensional. They are a synthesis of technological, industrial, trip-hop and alternative pop sounds. One of the most important objectives of this project is be receptive to inspiration and extensive exploration in music.

The original plan to create three-dimensional art comprising music, text and image was finalized in 2018. Then, images were used to enrich the album “Le Reve”, released in 2019. The music videos made later and inspired by op-art, performance, comics and experimental film, have set a new direction in the development of art that SLAIDIZE continues to produce.

Currently, the creators work on creating a non-stereotypical blend of sound and image – a fusion inspired by many arts.


  • Rafał Litwin – originator and founder of the project, composer, producer
  • Ewelina Lewandowska – author of music videos, photographer, singer, songwriter


  • Andrzej Choromański,
  • Bartłomiej Kuźniak,
  • Filip Mazuchowski,
  • Tomasz Bardega,
  • Piotr Wasyluk,
  • Darek Maksymik.
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