“Music tells the best stories when we don’t interrupt her”

Achim Freyer

LABEL for artistic outsiders

I don’t really know why I’ve always been captivated by sounds other than the popular mainstream tunes. I’m intrigued by genuinely disturbing and unexpected sounds, by disharmonius, dissonant melody lines combined with hypnotic, psychedelic arrangements of rhythms. I’ve always appreciated musicians and bands whose musical diversity stands against the current trends. That’s why I’ve started MOANS MUSIC – to support, promote, and publicize independent and underground artists for whom the struggle in a constantly changing music industry remains the everyday reality.

I don’t  intend to limit myself to one particular style or genre in looking for new original, independent artists in their own right. I would like MOANS MUSIC – as a LABEL – to be associated with unobvious library of sonic playground. This is one of the reasons why there’s so much musical diversity of styles and sounds in the industry nowadays. In addition to new productions, I’d like to go back to what had already been published. These productions are often forgotten or even go unnoticed. It’s my intention to return to those genuine musical pearls that have enriched, broadened and inspired musical pursuit some time ago. So, there will be re-editions.

In addition to this goal, I’d like to present the profiles of the people who created their musical works and whose initiative has fostered a unique value: the essence of creating spontaneous musical compositions without focusing on the commercial aspect – an impromptu, natural creative activity born at heart. It’s my ambition to bring together talented music makers and their musical works for anyone to become acquainted with unique musical sophistication coupled with raw talent in one place – at MOANS MUSIC.

MOANS MUSIC has been created as a LABEL for artistic outsiders, emotional outlaws. For musical performers who often are ununderstood by society.

To embark on a pathway as an artistic outcast is not an easy task. I’ve been on this road myself and I can relate to the dilemmas and the needs surrounding the people who are on it. And that’s why I’ve decided to personally get involved in Poland’s independent music scene.

Andrzej „Andzia” Choromański