CHRIST AGONY – Darkside 2 CD

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CHRIST AGONY – Darkside 2 CD

The original 1997 release caused quite a lot of noise as it showed a different face of the band. This time, Black Metal was fused with a heavy dose of electronic and dark ambient sounds. This, however, has no effect on the reception of music, which continues to take us to dark, mystical regions. The album was released with a bonus CD entitled “Darkness”, which contains unreleased recordings from the sessions or preparations for the sessions. There are nine additional recordings, some of which have been re-recorded, reconstructed, or recreated from old recordings. The extra 50 minutes offer a perfect enrichment and complement the dark aura of the album. The release in a standard box, two golden CDs, all copies are hand-numbered.


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CD 1 :
1. The Triangle (Prayer, Sonnet, Throne)
2. Heredity
3. Dark Beauty
4. Kingdom of Abyss
5. My Spirit Seal (Dream version)
6. Dark Poem
7. Dark Goddess
8. Darkside (Eternal, Beauteous Death)
9. The Key
10. My Spirit Seal (Blood version)

CD 2 :
1. Darkness part I
2. Cry Wolf
3. The Autumn Fall
4. Dark Night
5. Seed Of The Dark
6. Spełnienie
7. Klucz
8. Darkness part II
9. Forgotten Millenium