KHORUMI – DemonicoN

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KHORUMI – DemonicoN

Khorumi’s debut album features a collection of war songs. This album provides a musical retreat to the idea of disapproval of the reality that the metal scene expressed in the early 90s by strongly speaking of the closeness to nature and its power. This was a signal indicating the primal, deeply rooted, essential matters for us alone. The forest wall, the secret of wilderness, the deep swamps, and the color of the brooks became a point of reference to what is hidden or unspoken.

The expression of this is the music understood as the antithesis of the artificiality embedded in the fossilized cultural forms associated with both the religious and political spheres. The murmur of the river and the gloss of leaves are closer to us than dos and don’ts, which our voice and music can oppose. This album is a cry of protest let out in a war dance to the songs of Khorumi. It is a signal that we should search for our roots. The album was recorded in such a way as to deny what is now pure and obvious. That’s why the sounds of the songs are misty, dense and primal. As if from darkness, hidden paths of melody and incantations, expressed in words, emerge from the depths of interwoven noise. Khorumi bites through their songs which have become an expression of our animal rage among the multitude of lies, in which we’re enveloped, among the lies that we cannot agree to, and to which we do not give our consent.

Only an attempt to return to what is inherent in us can we find our common space!
Official release from Sons Of Hell from Argentina.


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1. DemoN I
2. DemoN II
3. DemoN III
4. DemoN IV
5. DemoN V
6. DemoN VI
7. DemoN VII
8. DemoN VIII