Photo: Piotr Pieczykolan
Photo: Bartosz Stachowiak
The Trylion Band is extremely delighted to announce its collaboration with the renowned publisher Moans Music. After five years of hard work and anticipation, we have finally managed to release our album in physical CD format. This is an incredibly important achievement for us, which adds motivation to our creative journey.

We are full of joy because, through this partnership, our music will reach an even wider audience. We hope that the new material currently in progress will bring as much joy and inspiration to our listeners as it did to us during its creation.

Our concerts have always been an important part of our career, and now we appreciate the opportunity to share our music live with fans even more. It is at concerts that we can convey its entire essence and energy.

In the genre of progressive music in which we operate, the support of a publisher like Moans Music is incredibly valuable. We are grateful for their trust and belief in our creativity. It is tremendous support that allows us to grow artistically and reach an even larger audience that appreciates original sounds and musical experiments.

Already this year, we have independently recorded a new single, which serves as a bridge between the material from the “Education for Freedom” album – it is a completely rearranged version of the song “Black Clay.” It was recorded in the new lineup.

The song and video were created almost entirely by us, along with an artist called SHAO. Emil Reitan from Icicle Studios, known for his work with the band Frostbitt, was responsible for the mixing.

The song tells the story of the fragility of humanity in the face of nature, referencing many symbols and metaphors, exploring human existence as a small part of the whole. Everything we love is included in the material published on Youtube – we strive to combine art with music because, in our opinion, they are inseparable.


  • Bartosz Kilian (vocals and drums)
  • Bartosz Stachowiak (guitar)
  • Adam Zelmański (guitar)
Photo: Piotr Pieczykolan
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